"Attention to detail and communication.”

"Scott Kestenbaum worked on the sale of my co-op in Great Neck while I was remote, i.e. after I had moved out-of-state. He did an excellent job.

Attention to detail and communication. Scott always stayed on top of things, made sure everything was completed with time to spare, and kept me apprised of how things were proceeding. Since I was remote for nearly the entire time, his care and timely updates allowed me to focus on other things instead of worrying about the sale.

Effort level. Scott was proactive about handling third parties for me. More than once I was pleasantly surprised to hear "I can handle that for you." I expected to spend a lot of time on the phone with banks, New York State, etc., but he just took care of everything.

Knowledge and experience. A couple of unexpected issues arose, and one was particularly hairy having to do with New York State taxes. Scott always knew what was going on and what my options were. He took the time to explain the issues and what the practical ramifications were. I felt like I could make reasonable decisions quickly thanks to his advice.

Having experienced a similar transaction from the buyer's side here in Massachusetts, I can contrast my experience with our attorney here, who was completely fine, and with Scott, who was excellent and exceeded all my expectations. In short, my experience with Scott was outstanding."
- Abhay Saxena

"Did an excellent job of resolving a seemingly-intractable...”

"Did an excellent job of resolving a seemingly-intractable problem. 5 stars -- 6 if I could -- for professionalism, communicativeness, and ultimately results."
- Ryan Baker

"She was competent, responsive, answered all of..."

She was competent, responsive, answered all of my questions but spoke very quickly so I had to ask some again to clarify, but she helped us immensely.
- Anonymous

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